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Welcome to New Zealand

Centralising New Zealand Medal Research

New Zealand is to further research into any soldier that was entitled to receive a New Zealand War medal. Due to spam attacks I have needed to make this a closed wiki. If you would like to contribute to this project please email me at and I will then upgrade your membership so you can edit the pages. Upload any information that you have on soldiers that have been a recipient of the New Zealand War medal. It doesn't matter how small or unimportant you think the information is. Little bits of information are interesting to lots of people! The ultimate goal would be to match photographs of old soldiers with photographs of their medals and to track the locations of where the medals have ended up. Upload your information and share it with the world!

Recipients of the New Zealand Medal

British Military

Colonial Soldiers
The New Zealand Gazette

Defenders of New Zealand by Thomas Wayth Gudgeon, published in 1887